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Intrepid has been created by an elite group of ex-SAS and Royal Marine Commando soldiers. We aim to deliver “adventures that inspire” all around the world. Our events are for companies, teams, groups and individuals who want to try something different, learn new skills, develop relationships and feel a real sense of achievement.

We are a highly capable and professional team. Due to our skills, knowledge and experience, the world is our oyster – and we want to make it yours, too. No adventure is too big or small.
Our events are designed to challenge group dynamics and individual capabilities, both physically and mentally. Do you have an amazing team? Or a team you’d like to develop and improve? Do you want to put them to the test? We will challenge your whole group, from trainees to CEOs, to achieve more, go further, support others and push themselves beyond their self-defined limitations to become more supportive, efficient and cohesive team members.

Every workforce is comprised of individuals with different personalities and mixed abilities. We will facilitate your team’s development by identifying and utilising the strengths of each individual to maximise teamwork potential and ensure that everyone feels valued.

Whether you are organising your next corporate event or looking for a unique hen, stag or birthday party, we can offer you a truly unforgettable experience. Contact us and prepare to be taken on a journey…

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We create adventures that inspire your team adventure is only one step away..

Why would you take part in our adventures?

Ex-SAS & Commando expert team

We will look after your team and help them grow. Safety always comes first, so you can experience a real sense of adventure in the knowledge that you’re being looked after.

We record your adventure

Our professional adventure photographer and digital team will fully integrate with your group to record your adventure. This will create valuable marketing material for your company and help participants reminisce!

We will test your group dynamic

Ever considered a board meeting on the side of a mountain? We will help push your people further, inspiring greatness within the team. No team is too big or small and no adventure too complicated to construct. We will deliver the adventure of a lifetime.

Are you ready for your group’s adventure?

Your team is counting on you! Let’s get started – you can't climb a mountain sat behind a desk…

Further Information

Our events are fully customised to meet your requirements, so no two adventures are the same. You and your group may like to climb a mountain, learn how to survive in the wild, work together to escape capture, or build and relax around a campfire – the possibilities are endless. We can guarantee that whatever you choose, the experience will exceed your expectations. First our ex-SAS & Commando team will give a safety brief and an inspirational talk about how your adventure will work, whether it be at your place of work or on a mountain side, then they will lead the way. Like all great adventures, we like to include an element of surprise.
Don’t be. We tailor our events to challenge every participant to an appropriate level and ensure that everyone will feel a sense of achievement. Nobody will be left out, and everyone will receive the support they need to achieve the best they can. We can give fitness and nutrition advice on how to prepare.
We believe that a sense of adventure lies within every human, which we aim to bring to the surface. Our events are designed to inspire individuals to adopt and maintain a positive, proactive and productive approach to challenges. As well as boosting their overall happiness and wellbeing, this can translate to the workplace to maximise job efficiency and satisfaction. Facing challenges as a team in an unusual, exciting situation brings out the best teamwork and camaraderie in a group, allowing colleagues to see each other in a different light and learn how to work together in new and innovative ways. Our events will allow your team to forge new bonds and strengthen old ones, leading to more collaborative workplace relationships and a more cohesive company identity.
Other than an inspiring and unforgettable experience, we aim to give you a few things to take away – previous examples include trophies, t-shirts and certificates. On top of this, you will receive fully edited and branded photos and videos, a printed company banner, and a write-up published on our website. We’re flexible – if there’s something else you’d like, let us know and we can include it in your package.
As our experiences are fully tailored, we offer extremely flexible pricing options. These adventures are highly cost-effective due to the unique nature of the events and expertise of Team Intrepid. We ensure maximum transparency, and our prices include all the marketing materials you require with no hidden add-ons. Contact us to discuss options or to find out more.

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