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Are you looking to push your limits?

Intrepid has been created by an elite group of ex-SAS and Royal Marine Commando soldiers. We aim to deliver “adventures that inspire” all around the world. Our events are aimed at those who want to try something different, learn new skills, strengthen friendships and feel a real sense of achievement.

Our series of extreme events is designed to test the toughest of the tough, and is the most difficult to complete of its kind in the UK. The Intrepid Series 2017 was just the beginning, consisting of 4 knockout stages for teams of 2 people. The competition saw over 400 teams enter Stage 1; Stage 2 was gruelling, and only 6 teams made it through to Stage 3. During this stage participants will be pushed above and beyond their previous limits – there will be only one winner, the Lone Wolf 2017.

Don’t worry if you missed it, Team Intrepid have big plans for the Intrepid Series 2018 – more coming soon…

We have developed other upcoming extreme events, including the Commando 30-miler, Operation Hammerhead, Artic Survival, Escape and Evade and many more.

Are you looking to get inspired, truly push yourself and take on the challenge of a lifetime? These extreme events are not for the faint hearted. If you'd like to find out more please contact the team.

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We create adventures that inspire your team adventure is only one step away..

Intrepid Series – Coach Pain #larry

Ex-SAS & Commando expert team

We will look after your team and help them grow. Safety always comes first, so you can experience a real sense of adventure in the knowledge that you’re being looked after.

We record your adventure

Our professional adventure photographer and digital team will fully integrate with your group to record your adventure. This will create valuable marketing material for your company and help participants reminisce!

We will inspire you

Anything is possible with our adventures. Want to go to sea, jump out of a plane, experience the ultimate camping adventure or evade capture across a moor? No problem, bring your friends. Tell us what you’d like – we’d love to help.

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We can help test you physically and mentally...

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Our events are fully customised to meet your requirements, so no two adventures are the same. Our Ex-SAS & Commando team will give an inspiring talk and safety brief, then lead the way. Like all great adventures, an element of surprise makes it particularly exciting.
In a word, tough. These are cold, hard, in-your-face adventures that will push you mentally and physically, so you should be in great condition if you want to take part. We can help you prepare – our team are experts in dealing with extreme situations.
We are passionate about adventure, the outdoors, and bringing like-minded people together to share experiences and get the adrenaline flowing. Our events are designed to inspire individuals to adopt and maintain a positive, proactive and productive approach to challenges. As well as improving your long-term happiness and wellbeing, we want to give you a totally unique, unforgettable experience. You’ll have fun, make friends, see breath-taking places, redefine your limits and discover more about yourself (and your friends!). Plus you can prove to yourself, and to others, what stern stuff you’re made of…
Our solutions are fully customisable and we deliver fantastic events. Due to the nature and experience of our expert team you are guaranteed real value for your money. Cost really does vary, due to the fact our adventures are dynamic and flexible but there is something for everyone. We will work with you to deliver fantastic event, nothing is to big or small. Contact us and we'll happily help you understand exact costing options.

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