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Our Community

Join likeminded people taking on some of the most unique and difficult adventures in the UK. If you like the idea of meeting new people then your in the right place. Our online Facebook group will allow you to interact outside of the experiences and who knows you may even decide to take on challenges on your own whilst training for our events. Join the Intrepid Series community here.

2018 Adventures

Intrepid Series 2018 is made up of 4 unique Adventures. When you become a member you get entered into them all.

Scotland, Nr Edinburgh

England, London

Wales, Snowdonia

England, Hampshire

Test Yourself

You don't have to be super human to take part, however we will test every single one of you no matter what your fitness levels. For some the achievement is in completing the challenge to others its about pushing yourself beyond your limits to see if you have what it takes to become the 'Lone Wolf 2018'. We want to help inspire you and make you feel like you have really achieved something. nothing is ever the same and we dont tell you what to expect until nearer the time... It's more exciting that way! Join Intrepid Series here.

Training Advice & Tips

When you join us you gain the combined experience of not only team Intrepid but also that of our community. We have a private members only Facebook group which allows you to share stories, photos and videos with likeminded people. the team will answer questions when asked and look to help you feel inspired to take on bigger challenges. You can join Intrepid Series 2018 here.

Mini Adventures

When you become a Intrepid Series 2018 member you will also benefit from discounts on our mini adventures. If you like the idea of being hunted down in London for the day as a spy, escaping a hunter force and surviving or horse back riding across Dartmoor then our mini adventures are for you. Our mini adventures are there to inspire you. Our team is made up of Ex SAS & Commandos, we use our training and skills mixed with real life adventure to excite and inspire you. We offer the mini adventures to small groups of people,  this allows us to deliver a safer and higher quality product.

Team Intrepid

The Intrepid Series is designed by a group of Ex-SAS & Commandos - Team Intrepid. The aim of the intrepid series is to inspire others through real life adventures. The expert team use their skills to push everyone mentally and physically. Everyone has a limit and the team will help you find it and grow beyond it. Their can do attitude resinates through their adventures, you don't have to be fit but you do need to be willing. Good Luck #TeamIntrepid

Join Us

Would you like to become part of the intrepid community? Simply click the button below to view and select a membership option that works for you. We have a vast range of products and payment options however if you have any questions or require any support please feel free to contact us. Thanks #TeamIntrepid


The Intrepid Series is the toughest event series in the UK, designed by ex-SAS soldiers and ex- Royal Marine Commandos. You will be pushed to your mental and physical limits and discover how tough you really are. Confront your fears, the urge to give up, mud, sweat and tears – but have fun, laughs and make wonderful new friends. Our membership is low. The challenges are high.

By becoming a member you will participate in all 4 adventures, each round will give you the opportunity to gain points. The person with the most points at the end of the series will become the Lone Wolf 2018.

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All individuals enter each Stage. The Adventures are situated across the UK so you will recieve a new enviroment to test you each time. Only one person can win the Intrepid Series final – Hunt for the Lone Wolf and become the Lone Wolf 2018.

By becoming a member you will also receive discount on a bunch of mini adventures we set up through the year. We want to deliver experiences to help inspire you and our community is built with likeminded people who are passionate about adventures.

Why Join Us?

We have built a community of likeminded people, we look after each other and try our best to inspire. If you feel that you want to be part of something special and have fun with our adventures then our membership is for you. Although we attract some of the fittest OCR Adventure racing athletes in the UK our doors are open to all.

All you require is a positive attitude and willing nature to take on our adventures, there are no losers.  Our aim is that every individual walks away from every adventure inspired! With our membership you pay monthly to spread the cost and to keep you engaged. You become a member for life.

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Further Information

Our events are fully customised to meet your requirements, so no two adventures are the same. Our Ex-SAS & Commando team will give an inspiring talk and safety brief, then lead the way. Like all great adventures, an element of surprise makes it particularly exciting.
In a word, tough. These are cold, hard, in-your-face adventures that will push you mentally and physically, so you should be in great condition if you want to take part. We can help you prepare – our team are experts in dealing with extreme situations.
We are passionate about adventure, the outdoors, and bringing like-minded people together to share experiences and get the adrenaline flowing. Our events are designed to inspire individuals to adopt and maintain a positive, proactive and productive approach to challenges. As well as improving your long-term happiness and wellbeing, we want to give you a totally unique, unforgettable experience. You’ll have fun, make friends, see breath-taking places, redefine your limits and discover more about yourself (and your friends!). Plus you can prove to yourself, and to others, what stern stuff you’re made of…
Our solutions are fully customisable and we deliver fantastic events. Due to the nature and experience of our expert team you are guaranteed real value for your money. Cost really does vary, due to the fact our adventures are dynamic and flexible but there is something for everyone. The cheapest way to get involved is with our flexible membership. If you require a custom made adventure we will work with you to deliver fantastic event, nothing is to big or small. Contact us and we'll happily help you understand exact costing options.
You have to be at least 18 to enter, but there’s no upper age limit – just be aware that a good level of health and fitness is required.
It’s not compulsory, but deep water may be involved in the later stages of the series. We recommend basic swimming proficiency, but we won’t make anyone do anything they can’t or don’t want to do.
Comfortable sports clothing. Tight, synthetic fabrics are best as they dry quicker than cotton, and don’t feel as heavy when wet. Compression clothing is ideal, and grippy trainers are a must – we’d highly recommend specific trail running shoes. A full kit list will be given to you once you are a member.

Do you have more questions?

Our expert team is here to help you with your adventure, contact us to find out more.


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