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Wearable Technology, Performance Apparel For Running & Cycling


As Seen On BBC Dragons Den

Launched Exclusively at Harrods


Get In The Zone

Track your vital signs day and night


The Intrepid Series

The Hunt For 'The Lone Wolf' Begins Spring 2017

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Female Running & Cycling

April 8, 2016



December 16, 2014

Glofaster Wearable Technology - Runners & Cyclists

Wearable Tech

December 16, 2014


Male Running & Cycling

December 16, 2014

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"...Get In The Zone.."

GlofasterGlofaster Wearable Technology - Runners & Cyclists

"...cleverly conceived, beautifully designed and made new British product..."

Financial TimesHow To Spend It

"...this waterproof and breathable running jacket is like a training buddy in itself..."


"...As Smart In Design As In Technology..."

GlofasterThe Finest Running & Cycling Products

"...Launched Exclusivly at Harrods of Knightsbridge..."

GlofasterThe Finest Running & Cycling Products

"...As Seen On BBC Dragons Den..."

GlofasterWearable Technology Clothing Range